Top 10 Best Golf Rangefinders 2020- Golf Digest Reviews

Are you in need for the Best Golf Rangefinder? Use of rangefinders in golf is relatively new and has become more popular in recent years due to improving technology and their ability to accurately measure distances and determine hazards. Golfers want to use all forms of technology at their disposal to maintain their scores.

With rangefinders, players have improved the way they plan shots, a route map and select clubs. Professionals as well as amateurs use laser rangefinders to determine the exact distances to obstacles and nearby targets.

Every year, there are new models of range finders come on the market but how can you tell which ones are the best? That is why you have us and our reviews. Laser rangefinders measure distance with laser beams that reflect off the target and back to the locator. The maximum range of this laser, the ability and level of magnification calculating the slope of the device are important aspects to consider when viewing golf laser rangefinders reviews .

Top 5 Golf Range Finders Compared

Types of Golf Range Finders

Laser Rangefinder

This makes one of the essential components of a golfer’s kit. Like every laser, it uses the laser beam to measure the distance to an object, and when it does, it measures the distance and the time taken by the ray. It then gets reflected back from the object, and that is when you get your proper measure.

Pros of a Laser Range Finder

  • No difficulty when setting it up whenever it is required.
  • Long lasting battery that can be used several times in a year.
  • Design similar to binoculars and compact portable size that allows you to carry it everywhere.
  • Excellent accuracy level makes it very easy when it needs to spot a target.
  • High magnification power that can aid anyone when it needs to hit the target to a point.

Cons of a Laser Range Finder

  • Spotting targets behind trees and hills are not that accurate. Buying a hybrid laser finder will solve this problem.
  • Missing the distance of green areas. Flagged areas are not a problem when it needs to spot them, but green areas cannot be detected.
  • They cost more money in comparison to GPS ones.

Gps Rangefinders

The global positioning system is the latest technology that is being used since its discovery because of its exact and precise locating system. These are recommended for the people who are acquainted with these devices before because it requires the software updates to be downloaded online. Just like the maps application on your phone needs to be often updated for you to get accurate directions when in need. This device operates on the principle of measuring the distancefrom to target to where the device is located.

Pros of a Gps Rangefinder

  • Can provide accurate distance even of the green areas.
  • You don’t need to focus the device at a steady pace on locating the target.
  • Easily generated a layout of a golf course hole.
  • Activation is necessary to take all measurements.

Cons of Gps Range Finders

  • They tend to lag behind the laser range finders when it comes to accuracy and precision.
  • External factors pose a problem in the way of connection because of a hindrance.
  • The battery has to be charged every round

10 Popular Best Golf Rangefinders – Our Reviews

1. TecTecTec VPRO500 Golf Rangefinder

Basic Details

  1. Measures: Up to 540 yards
  2. Water Resistance: Yes
  3. Accuracy: 1 yard
  4. Average Power Output: <0.5mW
  5. Battery: Included
  6. Guarantee: 2 Years

This particular golf rangefinder can measure up to incredible 540 yards with a scan mode that is continuous and the advanced Pinsensor sensor technology. This gadget also has the water resistant body. Its display offers clear and premium optics with easy read through lens display, and it also shows battery meter. Anyone will find very useful in the field because of his continuous measurement mode. It is lightweight and can provide you with fast measurement with 1-yard accuracy. Also, it is perfect for overlapping objects because sometimes flags and wooded areas get in the way.

Key Features

Pinsensor technology: Determining the distance to your next hole has become more accurate with the TecTecTec VPRO500. This technology allows overlapping even the reflections from raindrops so to get an obstruction free measurement to the flag.

Diopter adjustment functionality: No matter how far or near your target hole is, you can view the object clearly with this unit. And since it’s coupled with the fast-measuring technology, knowing the distance is also possible.

Multilayer lens: It lets you improve your game providing a complete idea about the setting. More precisely, you can know if any tree or other obstacle is coming between you and the flags so that you can swing accordingly.

3 different scanning modes: (a) The Flag Seeker mode helps you calculate the gap between overlapping objects, i.e. flagsticks or wooded areas; (b) Target Priority mode displays the range needed to cover in order to reach the closest subject; and (c) The Scan Mode assists you in reading the distances towards impediments.

What We Liked

This rangefinder works magnificently because of the Pinsensor technology which provides readings of distance measurements on the screen. 3 modes can be switched instantly, and they are PIN mode, NORMAL or SCAN. The units of measurement can be changed from yard to meter and vice versa – all that needs to be done is holding down the MODE button for 3 seconds, and the change of unit will be done.

This rangefinder is one of the best that is currently on the market. Even though the cost is a bit high, features are outstanding, and this makes it an excellent rangefinder.

2. Bushnell Tour V4 JOLT Golf Laser Rangefinder

Basic Details

  1. Range: 5 to 1,000 yards (400+ yards to a flag)
  2. Water Resistance: Yes
  3. Accuracy: 1 yard
  4. Average Power Output: <0.5mW
  5. Magnification: 5x
  6. Battery: Included
  7. Warranty: 2 Years

This white colored rangefinder has five times magnification and 24mm objective and with that the kind of precision you need in a field. Its range finding performance consists of 5 to 1000 yards! Also 1 yard of accuracy and 400 yards to flag. Suffice to say this device is amazing because it has jolt vibration activated when you trigger the Pin Seeker. If you are wondering about whether or not this device is legal for tournament play, it is. With its comfortable grip design and compact shape, rest assured you can carry it anywhere and in anything you want.

Key Features

Pinseeker with jolt: This technology comes handy to know where the flags are positioned. A quick vibration makes the process much easier, especially for the amateurs.

Fast Focus System: Know the exact locations of the holes or flags during your each swing. And the included 5x magnification feature reinforces the idea of seeing your target first and then your shots with better visibility.

One yard accuracy: It’s capable of measuring 5 to 1,000 yards without any error and as for locking the pin or flag, expect the range to be more than 400 yard with 1 yard accuracy.

Pro Certified: With Class 1 laser and the average power output of <0.5mW, this unit is legally approved for using in golf tournaments.

What We Liked

This brand of rangefinders has a magnification up to 5x more than other golf distance measuring device, and it has the accuracy to within 1 yard. The performance of this gadget is 5 to 1000 yards which make Bushnell one of the most recognizable brands out there. The Tour V4 makes Bushnell’s JOLT that provides the short burst of vibration when it locks a target.

The laser which locks the target is by PinSeeker technology. If by chance the vibration is not desirable anymore, it can be turned off manually. One of the most important things to mention is that this device is legal in tournaments.

3. Simmons 801405 Rangefinder

Basic Details

  1. Range: 10 to 600 yards
  2. Accuracy: +/- 1 yard
  3. Average Power Output: <1mW
  4. Magnification: 4x
  5. Battery: Not included

The Simmons rangefinder differs from others in its magnification feature that provides four times optical magnification. But as other rangefinders, it offers the 5-600 yard range accuracy. Many older and more experienced golfers tend to get lost with all the buttons because of the technology age. Because of that, this device has simple one button operation that will be extremely helpful and easy to handle. Some of its features also involve vertical configuration as well as in-view LCD that will provide you with everything this gadget has to offer and to help you determine the possible hazards in the way.

Key Features

In-view LCD display: Measure the correct distance between you and the target through this liquid crystal display. Press one single button and all the info from 10 to 600 yards will be on your glance.

Efficient construction: A very well-thought out compact, easy to carry, vertical design is made with weather-resistant housing. Besides, upon using the included 4x magnification and shiny, crystal-clear optics properly, you can remain a step ahead in the game.

Variable ranges to different objects: This super functional device can detect reflective targets situated up to 600 yards. It will also help you know the existence of trees up to 400 yards. Surprisingly enough, no furry animal wandering within 200 yards will go unnoticed as well.

TILT technology: Perfect aiming at a steep incline or decline will be lot more easier with this technology as it helps figure out the true horizontal distance of the shot.

What We Liked

The Simmons has a unique brand of devices that are ideal for both golf and hunting. The Simmons rangefinder has 4x optical magnification system. It also has 5-6000 yard capacity that is accurate up to 1-yard range. With the simple one-button operation and vertical configuration, the Simmons is winning the markets.

The display is LCD and in view as well as it provides the exact distance from one’s location to a target from 10-600 yards which cover more than enough range. Not only that but the laser is precise, and it always shows how much yards are from one point to other.

4. Bushnell Tour Z6 Laser Golf Rangefinder

Basic Details

  1. Range: 5 to 1,300 yards (450+ yards to a flag)
  2. Accuracy: ½ yard
  3. Average Power Output: <0.5mW
  4. Magnification: 6x
  5. Waterproof: Yes
  6. Warranty: 2 Years

This black rangefinder does wonders with its pin seeker technology that shows you when you hit the flag because of its sensors. They range from 5-1300 yards which are more yards than other rangefinders that we have on the list. The gadget has 450 and more yards to flags and ½ yard accuracy from 5 to 125 yards which make this rangefinder one amazing device that is both functional and pretty in its design. It has six times magnification, and it is entirely waterproof in case you drop it in water.

Key Features

Second Generation E.S.P., also known as Extreme. Speed. Precision ensures unparalleled preciseness as well as utmost transparency about each shot within 5 to 125 yards.

Vivid Display Technology: This improved version of the display helps you identify the targets faster and more effectively no matter what weather condition is prevailing.

PinSeeker with Jolt: Know the accurate location of the flags within the shortest possible time. The sudden jerk as the laser lock a flag best works for unmindful golfers after a long tiring day.

Waterproof: All the technologies are housed inside an ergonomically designed sturdy waterproof construction. This comes into play even when the nature is going unfavorable so that you get a reliable idea about yardages and know the correct distance up to 1,300 yards.

What We Liked

Another Bushell elegant looking gadget is popular on the market because of its vibrating properties. The Z6 differs from V3 Bushnell rangefinders in design and shape. The JOLT technology was introduced because a combination of a laser and vibration will alert anyone about the bumps along the golf path or when you hit the flag.

It has a range at about 5 to 1300 yards, 450+ yards to flags and about ½ yard accuracy from 5 to 125 yards so it can be said that this is one of the best rangefinders on the market. With 6x magnification and being fully waterproof, there is no reason why anyone shouldn’t buy this particular rangefinder.

5. Nikon 8397 ACULON Laser Rangefinder

Basic Details

  1. Range: 6 to 550 yards
  2. Average Power Output: <0.0975mW
  3. Eye Relief:18 mm
  4. Water Resistance: Yes
  5. Warranty: 2 Years

Nikon is probably the most famous brand, so it is no wonder that they would go all the way to make a rangefinder as well. With that, this compact laser rangefinder is easy to handle, and you can put it anywhere you want. It also has easy to read display which will show you all the necessary specifications you will want to see. Being so simple and compact, it also comes with a single button operation that makes this rangefinder easier to use. Multilayer coatings are yet another feature that provides higher light transmittance across the visible light spectrum.

Key Features

Compact: Relish on your accurate measuring of the distance even when you are out on the vacation or hunting in a far-off wood by carrying this compact kit with you. Perfectly fits the smaller pocket of your backpack or the hunting gear box.

Easy-to-read screen: Read the distances in its clear display at 1 meter/yard intervals. The 6x monocular quality optics are just another impressive add-on for the price.

Versatile: This rangefinder can be used for multipurpose occasions starting from target shooting to gun or bow hunting. Plan a deer hunting on this weekend and it won’t disappoint you even when the surrounding has a low lighting.

A single button operation: Zero learning curve and straightforward operation is the biggest reason of why this device is so popular among the golfers. Simply shoot the entire arena holding the button. Stop when you find the target which is indicated by the yardage drop.

What We Liked

Coming from a brand that is very popular for the quality of their products, the Nikon Laser Rangefinder is outstanding in many of its features. This laser rangefinder is compact, easy to handle and to take wherever one needs to go. Whether it is the golf bag or one’s pocket, this gadget fits right in. It also has an easy to read screen display at 1-yard intervals.

As some other rangefinders have a single button operation, the Nikon has it too. Everything one needs is just one button away. The ACULON is programmed correctly to display the range of the furthest target. Find out more about the features and realize why this product is worth buying.

6. Nikon COOLSHOT 20 Golf Laser Rangefinder

Basic Details

  1. Range: 8 to 650 yards
  2. Increment Reading: 0.5 yards
  3. Eye Relief: 18.3 mm
  4. Average Power Output: <0.0975mW
  5. Diopter Adjustment: +/- 4
  6. Warranty: 2 Years

Nikon makes more than just great cameras. Their recent entry into the golf rangefinder product line has a respectable 550 yards of range, and is rated as the lightest and most compact product available in this genre. The COOLSHOT 20 comes with First Target Priority technology that enables golfers to identify the flag quickly and accurately from almost any background on the course. The rangefinder also allows for 8 seconds of continuous measurement scanning with one simple push and release of the power button. This will enable you to take quick measurements to gauge multiple targets, which will certainly give you a leg up in your foursome! This is a mid-budget product that packs a powerful punch.

Key Features

First Target Priority: In an area where lots of trees or other objects are stood around the target, this technology will help you choose the appropriate flagstick right away.

8-Second Continuous Measurement: From now on, knowing the distances to obstacles, pins, trees and mounds will be a matter of a single push and release for only eight seconds. Appreciably, no thin or tiny object will go undiscovered.

Hyper read: Irrespective of the range to the target, you can get a precise measurement as fast as possible, more specifically within 0.5 second.

Weatherproof: Invulnerable to the rough forces of nature, the COOLSHOT 40 will keep on serving day and night so to provide you with accurate measurement both under the scorchy sun and amidst a heavy shower.

What We Liked

This handheld device performs well across the board and is super affordable. It can handle almost all weather situations right out of the box. Very easy to handle. Simply hover the screen over the golfing area ahead, pressing the Power button for 8 continuous secs. Consequently, it’ll bring forth the range details of everything from trees and fairways to ponds, mounds surrounding bunkers and the flagstick. The compact and lightweight structure is perfect for carrying anywhere the user wants.

Nikon’s legendary optical technology provides the right amount of brightness when you’ll be assessing the images any time of the day. So, if anyone is looking for a value option that can be dialed-in to the pin, with its half-yard increments and 6x monocular feature, the COOLSHOT 40 is the best bet.

7. Breaking 80 Golf Rangefinder

Basic Details

  1. Range: up to 550 yards
  2. Accuracy: +/- 1 yard
  3. Water Resistance: Yes
  4. Magnification: 6x
  5. Warranty: 1 Year
  6. Battery: Included

PinSensor3 Series – Not to be denied a spot at the top of its class, the Breaking 80 Golf Rangefinder uses Pin Sensor technology to help you accurately find the flag each and every time. You can do this in style as well, seeing as how this product comes with an impressive seven different choices of color. The goal is to help you knock strokes off your score and take your golf game improvement to the next level. This rangefinder allows you to achieve better management of the course, gauge that exact distance to the pin, and even dial in practice sessions to simulate real course experiences. This model enables you to target any object up to 550 yards in distance, and it comes with a great 1 year warranty and 60 day money back policy. Breaking also offers a lifetime replacement program that consumers can take advantage of long after the warranty expires.

Key Features

On-demand distance info: With the 6x magnification and the laser accuracy of +/- 1 yard, this unit can present every bit of info accurately before you. Assessing all these factors, you can be at the top of your game which is impossible with mere guesswork.

Long measurement range: The Breaking 80 offers you max. 550 yard of range, meaning that, you can see the existing objects and set your target more consciously within this area.

Ensures lower scores: Scoring lower in your next tournament would be much more easier with this rangefinder, thanks to its pinsensor technology that locks onto three flags.

Legal for Tournament play: As we know, most of the tournaments don’t allow using rangefinder that features the slope mode even if it can be turned off. And since the Breaking 80 doesn’t own any slope mode, it’s completely legitimate to be used in different club tournaments.

What We Liked

Most of the rangefinders we reviewed boast about their magnification and range accuracy. This option from Breaking 80 adds some more significance to that script by assuring lower scores. A lot of satisfied users confirm the decrease of  minimum 2-3 strokes (in some cases, up to 5 Strokes) from their scores, cheers to its capacity to display information of on-demand distances within 550 yard maximum promptly.

The +/- 1 yardage not only cuts the frustration in half but also boosts the players’ confidence with every swing. Besides, offers like 60 day money back guarantee with 1 year warranty simply take the peace of mind to another level. And finally, the lifetime replacement plan makes it an ideal choice over other brands for playing mindful and encouraging shots.

8. Bushnell Tour X Rangefinder

Basic Details

  1. Range: 5 to 1,300 yards
  2. Accuracy: +/- 0.5 yard
  3. Water Resistance: Yes
  4. Magnification: 6x
  5. Average Power Output: <0.5mW
  6. Battery: Included
  7. Warranty: 2 Years

If you are an avid golfer that desires only the very best and resourceful of tools in your golf bag, then the Tour X Rangefinder just might be what you have been looking for. Depending on the specific scope of the rangefinder you choose, this model comes equipped with Exchange technology that allows to use Slope when you so desire, and it can be modified to be tournament legal if you find yourself in that situation as well. The dual display technology gives you the ability to switch between displays that are bright red and one that is crisp light. This is great for shifting lighting conditions, or just based on individual user preference. This particular model offers a magnification range of 5 to 1,300 yards, within a most impress .5 yards of accuracy.

Key Features

Slope Compensation: Whereas a regular rangefinder shows a straight line distance to the flagstick, this feature assists you in mapping out the courses by adding or subtracting the elevation change to the hole. So, no more eyeballing the yardage differences caused by uphill or downhill shots.

Exchange Technology: Since all tournaments don’t support the use of slope technology, this exchange technology acts like a lifesaver, allowing it to be tournament legal with a little bit changes in the setting.

Dual Display Technology: Switch between bright red and sharp black display to match either shiny or dim surrounding. Hence, golfers won’t find it hard time even when there is too much brightness or lack of lighting during their seeking the targets.

6x Magnification with HD Optics: Get a much better view of the objects so to hit the target more confidently. Besides, the added PinSeeker with Jolt Technology is going to take the guessing out of your golf game.

What We Liked

Bushnell has long been a purveyor of tech enriched golf rangefinder options that score high in accuracy irrespective of the distance to the target spots and weather condition. The Bushnell Tour X Laser upholds the brand’s standard for precise measurement while keeping up the other trends as well. It’s rainproof and accurate to ½ yard. With a top class ranging performance from 5 to 1,300 yards and 450+ yards to a flag, this product is a favorite.

It also houses various remarkable features including Slope Technology (that can be turned on and off according to the tournament requirement), Dual Display Technology (that makes it ideal to use in environs with all sorts of inconsistent lighting) and PinSeeker with Jolt (that verifies the flag detection with a short vibration). What more a golfer can expect from a rangefinder?

9. Eyoyo 5-700 Yard Waterproof 6x Multifunction Golf Hunting RangeFinder

Basic Details

  1. Range: 5 to 700 yards
  2. Accuracy: +/- 1 yard
  3. Water Resistance: Yes
  4. Magnification: 6x
  5. Battery: Included
  6. Warranty: 18 months

If you are looking for a budget-oriented device that can measure up to 700 yards and shows the objects in a 6 times more magnified way, then the Eyoyo 5-700 Yard Golf Hunting RangeFinder is the product for you. It provides lot of functionalities at a bargain price. Since precision rules the golf gaming, this rangefinder offers ±1 yard range accuracy with the ±5 km/h speed measure accuracy for enjoying car racing. This study yet lightweight device allows you to read even through the rains or under the high heat. Extremely travel friendly, this rangefinder carries 18-month warranty along with cordial customer service in between.

Key Features

Multi-purpose: The Eyoyo AF-700L is ideal for more than just golfing. Use it during your hunting campaign to get a quick and accurate reading. It can also evaluate a moving target running with the speed of up to 300 km/h. So, watching the horse and car races will be more fun with this kit.

Multi-coated HD optics: Knowing the movement of animals properly can keep you ahead in the game of hunting and the 6x magnification feature presents before your vision everything within 700 yards.

Comes with all accessories: Starting from a quick start guide to cleaning cloth, strap and free 3V CR2 battery, this golf rangefinder accompanies a lot of things that you’ll need for operating, maintaining and carrying it anytime and anywhere.

Easy to carry: Keeping the users, who love to visit distant areas for playing golf or hunting, in mind, Eyoyo has made this product with the weight of just 180g. Very lightweight and highly portable.

What We Liked

The Eyoyo 5-700 Yard Golf Hunting RangeFinder is a unique device. In spite of being an affordable model, this rangefinder possesses different modes for better measurement. They are – Range mode, Scan + Golf mode, Fog mode and Speed mode. Turns out, one single kit can address multiple situations. While the 5 to 700 yards measuring range allows you to find the distance to trees, flags, or other objects resulting an improved golfing experience, its 0-300 KM/h speed measuring range makes it perfect to gauge the racing cars or horses.

The duration of the built-in CR2-3V Battery is around 2 months. In addition, though the unit is immune to water and dust particles, the included premium carrying pouch reliably protects it from unexpected shattering effect or weather changes.

  1. Precision Pro Golf – NX7 Pro Golf Rangefinder

Basic Details

  1. Range: 400 yards
  2. Accuracy: +/- 1 yard
  3. Water Resistance: Yes
  4. Magnification: 6x
  5. Battery: Included
  6. Warranty: 2 Years

The market for golf rangefinders is a broad one. There are pro golfers who love to play their shots with proper measurement, increasing the possibility of lowering the scores. On the other end of the spectrum are technophilic amateurs who find it difficult to recognize the target let alone set the priority. However, for both parties, the Precision NX7 Pro Golf Rangefinder performs like a god-sent boon. While the former types appreciate its quick yardage readings with +/- 1 yard accuracy within 400 yards through the clear optics, the later group finds its Adaptive Slope, Pulse Vibration and Target Acquisition technologies very much dependable for mapping out the course even with shaky hands. Overall, it’s a value option for beating your record by choosing the right clubs every time you hit the shot.

Important Features

Pulse Vibration Technology: During your shooting the entire ground, a quick vibration occurs as you hit the flagsticks. It’s a kind of confidence booster as you can look over the yardage to that target point with greater focus before you swing.

Target Acquisition Technology: The NX7 Pro helps you see all the targets within 400 yards. With so many options on the lens, it becomes overwhelming to target one and here the TAG functionality does the real magic by focusing on your preferred target along with the correct measuring info.

Adaptive Slope Technology: Accompanying the feature, while this kit, on one hand, lets you read the actual yardage and the distance to the target taking the elevation into consideration, on the other, you can turn it off in order to make it legal for the USGA.

Complimentary precision care package: Starting from 2 years warranty and trade-in allowance to battery replacement service and industry leading support, the Precision Pro NX7 has you mostly covered.

What We Liked

Throughout reviewing, one golf rangefinder continually demanded attention. A comparatively higher scorer in most of the scales, the Precision Pro NX7 offers an unobstructed, prompt and exact measurement, employing a 6 times more magnified view with +/- 1 yard accuracy. This unit has also got a shock proof design that is again safe to use even when the user is close to water, kudos to its water resistant construction!

Added to the features are technologies like the TAG function and Pulse Vibration Technology. And finally, the Adaptive Slope technology has made this competitor a do-anything champ by allowing the golfer to turn the elevation measuring slope mode off making it USGA legal.

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Things to Consider When Choosing the Best Golf Rangefinder

In order to get the right one you’ll have to know how to choose a golf rangefinders. Selecting a rangefinder is not as simple as choosing a best golf push cart. There’s a few things to consider to decide buying a quality one and this post will show you what’s most important. After you’re done reading I’m sure you’ll be ready to purchase the best.


One of the important factors that you must consider is the efficiency of your device. All devices have the correct range up to certain yards, but beyond that, they are not accurate. Are you looking to make some golf shirt?


As all devices differ in certain features, they differ regarding their magnification. It is important for a device to have higher magnification because it helps a great deal to hit the target quickly and to provide more accuracy.

Ease of Use

This may sound irrelevant, but it isn’t simply because any golfer (either an amateur or professional) will need to know how to use their device. One rangefinder must be easy to handle. Otherwise, it won’t be much of use.

First Target Priority

Many times when playing golf, certain objects come in the way of your ball. An excellent device has to determine which objects are a priority (closer) to the flag you’re about to aim at.


The size always matters because one rangefinder must not be too big or too small. It has to be lightweight and just the right size for fitting into one’s hand and to be placed into a golf bag.


Depending on your budget, the price is usually always important. This is why you need to study every model’s features and shape and size before making a purchase. Not all rangefinders come with quality features as well as other factors we’ve listed here.

Range Tendency

This device has max and min range of a golf range finder. This is not a crucial feature, but it is also something that you have to consider when buying one. Some devices are more precise than others.

Scan mode

Every range finder has a scan button which enables you to find targets that are within your reach. You might have to hold the button for a few seconds, but as soon as you press it, the scanning process begins.


The units on the display of one range finder must be easily readable. There is no excuse if the range finder you buy comes with an error. You can’t get essential features for the expensive device you buy.


A good weather proof range finder will be useful to you in all kind of weather. There is no limit when you want to play golf, so your device has to be ready for it as well, and it mustn’t be ruined due to weather conditions.


This is a unique and useful feature because it measures the elevation changes between the player and the target. It also can estimate on its own the approximate distance a shot can play but it is banned from the tournaments, but if you are not interested in tournaments, you can use it.

Some Major Etiquette for Real Golfers

Each and every sport requires some minimum etiquette that plays a key role in sustaining its pride and popularity. Golf, for example, has a long list of etiquettes which every golfer must comply with. Sometimes, however, it becomes difficult to keep those in mind. So if you are one of those aspirers willing to enter the world of golfing, here are some crucial rules that would certainly help you hold on to the image of a professional golfer on the course.

  • Know the right place where to stand – A lot of golfers stay confused where to stand while the other golfer is teeing off. Well, the best position will be the sides of the tee box or just behind the golfer. Remember, the golfer will have his eyes down on the ball. So, you won’t be obstructing his vision at all. However, do not make the mistake of taking the back side of the tee box, or otherwise, the golfer will surely catch a glimpse of you.
  • Do not play with your shadows – It’s funny but true that some golfers are just clueless as where actually their shadow lies. This is indeed a major problem, especially during early morning or late in the noon. While trying to putt, it’s really annoying to see one’s shadow moving to and fro over the hole. So take your position in such a manner that the other person stays between you and the sun. On doing so, your shadow will never get in your way.
  • No whispers please – Golf is certainly a game of concentration where distractions are not allowed. You cannot start sharing an incident or a story to someone who is about to take a hit. Prior to taking a putt, it needs attentiveness to get the job done. So you cannot expect that the other golfer will want to hear something interesting from you while he/she is aiming a shot.
  • Mark your ball – Most golfers make the blunder in wondering whether the ball is going to distract the other golfer after the putt has been missed. Well, it just takes 2 seconds to mark the ball. So if you have missed a putt, it’s completely on you whether you will wait till everyone standing farthest has gone or you can always hole out. So you cannot just come with an excuse for not having marked a ball. Another alternative is to use a coin for putting down a ball mark.
  • Stay safe – You never know what is going on in the mind of your fellow golfer. If he is not a professional somehow and wants to get over you by striking the ball making your forehead the target, you might face a big mishap. So it’s better not to stand opposite of him. A golf course encompasses a huge area. So you can always maintain a safe distance from the golfer.

Golf Rangefinders FAQ

What is a Golf Scope?

Ever found yourself on a strange golf course without having the faintest clue about how distant your ball is from the hole? Well, a golf scope is exactly the device you’d need to establish that fact- and do it quickly.

Assuming the shape of a monocular (looks like a pair of binoculars cut in half), this little device has range measurements imprinted on its lens, much like those on a sniper rifle. When you position it carefully and look through it, you can determine how far your ball is from the hole you’re trying to hit.

What is ‘the drive’ in golf?

Simply put, ‘the drive’ in golf is the first strike. (The one from the starting position.) It’s typically the longest shot in the game, as its purpose is to get the ball as close as possible to the hole in the first go, so as to reduce the number of shots you’d need to take to make it.

Due to the special nature of this shot, there are many different techniques of doing it, as golfers have always tried to maximize the strength of their hit and the length the ball covers with it. Physical attributes such as form, flexibility, and proper technique are the most important factors for performing a good strike, according to professional golfers.

What is ‘the driving range’ in golf?

‘The driving range’ is a term similar to the well-known ‘shooting range’. It pretty much represents a practice area where golfers can practice their shots- particularly the aforementioned ‘drive’.

In order to enable the players to freely swing as hard as they can and improve their abilities, golf driving ranges need to be long and wide, so they’re typically built in areas outside of town, where there’s enough space. Also, they can often be found situated beside an official golf course, or near schools or universities.

What is the best club to use at the driving range?

Perhaps somewhat unimaginatively, the best club to use for driving the ball is simply called- the driver. Since driving the ball, or ‘teeing it off’ as this process is also called, demands a big swing, the club you’ll be using is the longest one you have in your golf bag.

Also, you’ll notice it has the lowest loft of all the clubs- usually between 7 and 12 degrees.

Can you use a golf rangefinder to hunt?

Yup, you sure can. You’d need to make sure to check out its features first, however. The thing to pay attention to is the sort of range-finding you’ll get. Usually, golfing rangefinders are set to prioritize close targets, while their cousins used in hunting put focus on distant objects. (Or animals, rather.)

So, the key here is to get a rangefinder that can switch between these two modes. Chances are- such a device will be somewhat more expensive than just a regular rangefinder for one of the aforementioned activities, but all in all, you’ll end up spending less money than if you were to buy two of them.

What are some tips for using a golf rangefinder?

In short points, here’s what you can do to start findin’ that golf course range like a champ:

  • Read the instructions that come with the device you’re using
  • Practice using different modes that are available
  • Practice on larger targets first
  • Always measure a couple of times to be sure

All things considered, golf is a leisurely sport that can turn quite feisty at times. To be good at it, other than practicing placing your shots all the time, you also need some good equipment to help you out. We hope this article helped you get a clearer idea of what sort of golf rangefinder you might need!

Now enjoy golfing keeping these etiquettes in mind. You are surely going to be a smart golfer in comparison to your partner. Protection Status