Top 19 Best Golf Push Cart Golf Digest Reviews 2020

Playing golf is not an easy job because it entails lot of expenses. There are tournament fees to be paid and there is something known as tee fees which also should be paid. Further there are big expenses in the form of renting of golfing equipment. Though it might look a small amount once you are a regular golfer you might end up paying much in the long term. You also need a golfing cart to move the various items from one tournament to another or even from one part of the golfing ground to the other. Instead of hiring a motorized or manual golf push cart, it would be better to opt for buying one outright.  The cost of renting over a long term period will always be an expensive proposition than buying one.

Hence it would always be a better option to spend some time identifying the best golf push cart and then buy one which meets your specific needs and requirements. However, before buying them have a closer look about the general information pertaining to these push-carts for golf.

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Different Types Of Golf Carts


As the name suggests pull carts are those which typically have two wheels. They come in the form of trolleys and the player or helper has to pull in around the course. They are considered to be quite simple and also smart in terms of looks and use. They are suitable for light luggage and for those who are keen not to waste too much of energy

Advantages of Pull Carts: 

  • They are cost effective and are quite cheap when compared to other types.
  • They are also light weight and that is the reason many golfers find it very favorable.
  • They are simple to use and do not have too many frills. They are easy to assemble and also fold. It requires one or two steps to fold them.

Disadvantages Of Pull Carts: 

  • Dragging them behind your back might not be too comfortable especially when you are playing a tough match.
  • They are usually small in size they do not have big storage space. Hence it may not be suitable for carrying the complete variety of golf kits required by professionals.

Conclusion: When one takes into account all the important parameters, there are reasons to believe that it is a quality golf push cart which will offer good value for money. It will help players to focus on the game and not on lugging around accessories.


There are reasons to believe that a good golf push cart is the most popular. As the name itself suggests, it is moved forward by an act of pushing. The pushing has to be done manually because it does not have a motor. It usually has three wheels and therefore is more stable when compared to a two wheel pull cart.

Advantages of Push Carts:

  • They are cheaper when compared to electric carts. They have almost the same features but they do not come with a motor which you can find in an electric push cart.
  • They are liked by many professional golfers because they are easy to control when compared to the pull carts. This is because the cart moves ahead of you and therefore it makes it that much easier to control and maneuver the cart along the way.
  • If something falls off the cart, you will be able to notice it, which may not be possible in case of a pull cart.
  • They are lighter than the electric ones because they do not come with motors which could often be quite heavy. They also have more storage space when compared to the pull variants.

Disadvantages of Push Carts:

  • Though lighter than pull carts, you still need quite a bit of energy especially when pushing it forward in green tufts of grass.
  • The energy needed will be quite a bit especially if you have quite a bit of gadgets and gears to carry.
  • They are bigger when compared to pull carts and hence folding them is certainly not as easy and they also occupy more space making it cumbersome especially when being transported from one place to another.
Electric Golf Cart

For those on the lookout for the best in mobility there is hardly any doubt that choosing an electric trolley could perhaps be the best option. It goes a long way in making things easier, efficient and faster for golfers. With a motor to support the carts, you need not bother about pushing or pulling the cart. You have to power the cart on and you need to only control it. You must pay some attention to the size of the battery and also look at other parameters.

Advantages of Electric Golf Carts:

  • It certainly will be very useful for those players who are keen on preserving energy and strength.
  • They also come with some additional features such as time travelled, distance measurements, etc.
  • They are designed in such a way that they can easily maneuver even across difficult and tough terrains.

Disadvantages of Electric Golf Carts:

  • They are not cost effective and if you have a tight budget to handle, then you might find this unsuitable.
  • They are often considered to be battery guzzlers and usually they do not last even one round. Hence some bit of physical force might be needed.
  • The motors need to be maintained and serviced regularly failing which they might not work when needed the most.

Here we’ve compiled 10 best golf push carts money can buy at the moment. Read on and find the perfect model for yourself!

Top  19 Golf Push Carts Reviews

1. Clicgear – Golf Push Cart Model 3.5 +

Featuring a relatively lightweight construction, the Clicgear’s 3.5 + push cart is a good-looking contraption that certainly won’t embarrass you while you’re out there on the golf course. What’s more, this model comes in 8 different colors, so you can choose the one you like the best. (The joint parts and the tires are always black, for the record.)


In order to make it as space-conserving as possible, the Clicgear folks have integrated their patented opening and closing mechanism into this cart. As a result, slide-opening, or indeed closing this plucky golf-club carrying apparatus does not only save space, but is also quick and effortless.

Another clever addition by the Clicgear designing team to the mechanics of this cart is the hand brake. Since golf courses are often hilly and the grass slippery, having your golf cart simply roll away from you is something that’s bound to happen sooner or later. To prevent this, the engineers at Clicgear added a handbrake, so you can jam the wheels in place when you don’t want them to be turning!

Other than these, you also get an umbrella mount and a cup holder for good measure. What’s not to love?


  • Lightweight construction
  • Clever folding mechanism
  • Comes with a handbrake for safe parking
  • Includes a cup holder and an umbrella mount


  • The bag straps could have been made a bit tighter

2. CaddyTek – EZ-Fold 3 Wheel Golf Push Cart

Considering the fact that it’s equipped with a number of props and small plastic parts for this and that, it might come as a bit of a surprise that this golf push cart weighs in at only 18.5 lbs.

This attractive number is mostly there thanks to the lightweight aluminum frame that manages to provide both the structural strength and not weigh a ton.


This cheeky-looking contraptions comes in four colours- lime, silver, dark grey, and red, so there are some options here to choose from. Other than that, this three-wheeler also comes with a clever braking system similar to the one mounted on the model described above. Its functioning system is fairly simple, as well- you press the switch to lock it in place and then then press it again to disengage the lock.

Another interesting addition to this lightweight three-wheeler would be the patented storage basket that comes complete with a cooler and an umbrella holder. What’s more, to make sorting your items an easier task, the CaddyTek folks have included a special rack to further support the items you place in the basket.

When it comes to actually pushing this CaddyTek EZ-Fold 3 about, you can rest assured your hands won’t get sore any time soon, as this model comes with a specialized ergonomic handle enabling you to alternate between different pushing positions.


  • Sturdy aluminum frame
  • Easy to carry thanks to its compact size
  • Comes with a convenient storage and a cooler
  • Ergonomic handle


  • The cup holder is too small

3. Bag Boy – Express DLX Pro Cart Golf 2018

Available in four different hues (all of which look roughly the same) this Bag Boy Express DLX Pro Cart is a simple kind of golf cart that can do just as well a job of carrying your clubs as some of the more complex models.


Weighing in at only 12.7 lbs, this three-wheeler is one of the lightest models on our list, and considering the fact that it can be easily folded in two motions, it turns out that this Bag Boy cart is very space saving-oriented, indeed.

When it comes to bringing something new to the world of moving golf clubs about, the Bag Boy designer team doesn’t disappoint, either. Namely, one of the novelties they’ve decided to incorporate in this cheeky model of theirs would be the cart’s ability to store clubs- while folded! (Not necessarily the most groundbreaking engineering advancement, but still.)

The Bag Boy Express DLX Pro fares pretty well in other departments, as well. Let’s talk storage. Surely the most important part property of any cart would be its ability to be loaded and carry various objects about and beyond.

Well, within its quite small frame, this model manages to house and carry the following items: beverages (previously poured in cups or bottles, of course), golf balls, mobile devices, umbrellas, and there’s even  a sizeable mesh storage basket for other items you might want to have with you on your golfing trip!


  • Lightweight construction
  • Golf ball storage pocket
  • Folds easily in just two moves
  • Simple braking system
  • Large mesh storage basket for carrying items


  • The ball holder can present problems at times (the magnet holding the door isn’t strong enough)

4. CaddyTek – Super LiteDeluxe Golf Push Cart

Ever fancied owning a golf cart that sort of looks like an overgrown mosquito? Well, now you can! Made out of a delicately assembled web of lightweight metal, some plastic, and some strings to keep it all together, this CaddyTek model can be a perfect solution for a person in need of a simple golf cart that doesn’t take up too much space.


Despite its build that looks notably bereft of any item-holding or, indeed, carrying capacity, this CaddyTek cart does surprisingly well to support you on your golfing expedition. Among other things, this particular golf cart will carry your- umbrella, cups, and- whatever you decide to place in the mesh net.

The braking system is as simple as it gets, really. All you need to do to set it off, or indeed, disengage the breaks would amount to pressing the switch with your foot so that it stands either up or down. As far as the color of the whole contraption is concerned, it’s black all over with only the wheels leaving some room for imagination. To be precise, you can get the wheels in either green, orange, or otherwise stick with the stock black.

On top of this all, you also get a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty, so you don’t have to worry about it breaking on you as soon as you unpack it.


  • Compact size
  • Patented bag holder design
  • Simple breaking system
  • Beverage holder included
  • 1-year warranty


  • The scorecard holder doesn’t hold cards that well

5. Qwik-Fold – 3-Wheel Push Pull Golf Cart

Looks like it’s made out of cotton buds and black isolating tape, rides about like a champ- that’s Qwik-Fold golf cart for ya. Design-wise, it’s pretty good-looking and it also comes in four different colors, or rather- color schemes. There’s black and blue, black and red, black and charcoal, and white and white.


When folded up, this Qwik-Fold cart is no more than 30 inches in length, making it a perfect golf club-carrying vessel for people who have smaller cars, or rather, smaller car boots. Also, the folding mechanism is quite interesting in itself. The Qwik-Fold folks have obviously decided to live up to their company name with this design-solution, as all you need to do to fold this cart is simply push a button. (Mind you, you’d first need to remove the bag if it’s already attached.)

Other than being quite smallish and easily-storable when folded up, this Qwik-Fold’s model also fares pretty well in the weight department. Thanks to its lightweight aluminum build, the cart’s weight doesn’t go above 15 lbs even with all of its attachments on.

Speaking of the devil, the attachments you can expect to find stuck to this cart this way or another would be the following: umbrella holder. That being said, you can rest assured that if it should ever start raining while you’re out there trying to score, your clubs will be well-protected from the moisture, for the umbrella holder that’s been put in place by the clever Qwik-Fold folks is a tough one, indeed.


  • Adjustable handle height
  • Tough and lightweight aluminum frame
  • Easily folds with a push of a button
  • Comes with an umbrella holder


  • The front wheel does not swivel

6. GolferPal – EasyPal Electric Auto-Folding/Unfolding Push Cart

If you’re that lazy that you can’t be bother to bend down for a second in order to fold or unfold your golf cart, this GolferPal is going to be just what you needed! Equipped with a unique battery-powered system of deployment, this cart reduced the amount of manual labor you need to do around it to just pushing. The simple no-brainer move of erecting the handle has been taken care of for you! Lovely stuff, indeed, but there’s more!


Now, to be completely honest, the part where you don’t need to bend down in order to put the otherwise fully-automated process into motion is not really…, well, it’s not true- as such. The thing is, you still need to bend your respectable back so as to be able to push the fully-automatic, beautiful and modern button of awesomeness and leisure. Then the cart will fold.

When it comes to fashion and looks, the GolferPal’s EasyPal scores rather highly apart from the fact that it comes in only two different colors: black and white. (Mind you, if you buy the black version the wheels will be red for whatever reason. Just a heads up.)


  • Automated folding and unfolding mechanism
  • Optimized weight-distribution
  • The battery lasts up to 6 months
  • Includes cup, umbrella, scoreboard, and ball holders
  • Comes with a 1-year warranty


  • The automated unfolding system means some additional weight

7. Clicgear – Rovic RV1S Swivel Golf Push Cart

Occupying the number 7 spot on our list o’ 10, the Clicgear’s Rovic RV1S Swivel Golf Cart is one of the most compact golf-club carrying contraptions we’ve seen so far. It weighs no more than 16 lbs and when it’s folded up it measures in just 24 inches. Therefore, if you’ve got a really small car boot, or just don’t like chunky golf accessories in general, you should definitely consider obtaining one of these little fellas!


Aside from boasting a small build, the Clicgear’s Rovic RV1S also features a remarkably durable construction. It’s made out of only a handful of interconnected tubes but it’s quite movable as its front wheel can swivel freely to left or right.

When it comes to parking this puppy somewhere on the field, you won’t need to worry about the steepness of the hillock you’re braving, as this Clicgear model comes with a plucky foot brake. Once you’ve found the perfect resting spot for yourself, your clubs, and the mechanical mule carrying them, the only thing you need to do is use your foot to engage the brake, et voila!- your cart will stand firmly where it is!


  • Lightweight construction
  • Swiveling front wheel
  • Comes with 2 accessory tabs, a cup holder, and an umbrella mount
  • Easy-to-use foot brake system


  • The front wheel could have been a bit bigger

8. Clicgear – Model 8 Golf Push Cart

Another model from Clicgear comes in the shape of this Model 8 Golf Push Cart. It’s got grand looks, it’s lightweight, AND it’s got not three, not five, but four (4) wheels to support your beloved clubs! What’s not to love here?


Due to the fact that this cart comes with four wheels, the braking system that’s been put into place puts braking pressure on the two front wheels rather than just on one. Therefore, the braking is much more efficient with this cart than it is with some of its three-wheeled cousins.

Another perk of its ‘four-wheeledness’ would be the stability. The chance of this model falling over is obviously going to be much lesser than when you’re dealing with a three-wheeled model.


  • Has four wheels
  • Features a dual front-wheel brake system
  • Comes with a dual-wheel alignment system
  • Built-in accessory mounts


  • Additional wheel means additional weight

9. JEF WORLD OF GOLF – Deluxe Steel Golf Cart

If you’re after light weight and convenience, the JEF WORLD OF GOLF’s Deluxe Steel Golf Cart is probably going to be the best option for you. It’s made to be simple, easy-to-handle, and lightweight, so it’s perfect for a beginner, or someone who doesn’t care about fancy attachments all that much.


As far as compactness is concerned, it doesn’t really get much better than this Deluxe Golf Cart. The whole construction, which is very simple to begin with, folds easily in two, so you won’t need to worry about complex folding mechanisms jamming on you left and right.

Also, a rather neat addition to this smallish, mosquito-like cart would be the waterproof scoreboard holder. Leaves you with free hands to do whatever you’d like to!


  • Contoured bottom
  • Lightweight and sturdy construction
  • Opens and closes in one motion
  • Waterproof scoreboard holder


  • Lacks accessories of the more complex models

10. Tangkula – Swivel 3 Wheel Push Pull Cart Golf Trolley

Brim-filled with all kinds of useful accessories and important-looking parts, the Tangkula’s Swivel 3 Wheel Push Pull Cart Golf Trolley represents quite a sight when it enters a golf course. Mercifully, it weighs below 19 lbs, which might seem like much, but it’s still quite a low figure considering the amount of attachments it bears.


The brakes on this model are operated by foot and are attached to the two hind wheels for best grip. This makes this cart fairly safe against tipping over and otherwise rolling away towards an adventure of its own.

The handle built in on this model is adjustable meaning that you’ll be able to make it work for you, regardless of your height. Also, it’s fairly easy to assemble and disassemble whenever you want, so you needn’t worry about this part of the equation, either.


  • Lightweight construction
  • Comes with an ergonomically-shaped handle
  • Allows you extra storage place
  • Comes with an umbrella holder


  • Quite long (which might pose some storage issues)

11. Caddytek CaddyLite 11.5 V3 3 Wheel Golf Push Cart

If you are looking for an innovative and reliable push cart, the Caddylite11.5 V3 Deluxe Push Cart will serve you. It stands out for its lightweight, which makes walking around the golf course easy and comfortable. It is made of aluminium which makes it durable.

Another feature included in the foot brake that makes the cart reliable no matter the position it is placed. You can apply the brakes on a slope or a hill, and the cart is much stable. By pressing the pedal, it will set the speed when you start walking.

The push cart uses 2 tires, i.e. 11-inch tires at the rear and 8-inch tires at the back. For stability, while moving on any slope, the tires have ball bearings.

The golfer can push the cart in four positions as the handles are adjustable. The Caddylite 11.5 push cart comes with a mesh-basket, umbrella holders and a beverage holder.


  • It has a folding and unfolding system.
  • It can fit any golf bag
  • Reliable foot breaks
  • Lightweight
  • It has adjustable hand handles
  • It has airless wheels
  • It comes with beverage holder, umbrella holder and mesh-basket


  • When fully packed, it tends to be massive.

12. Qwik-Fold 3 Wheel Push Pull Golf Cart

Qwik-Fold 3 Wheel Push Pull Golf Cart is a 3-wheeler cart in the market. It has an extra broad base to maximize stability. You don’t need to worry it is going to tip-off any time. The push cart is less than 30’lenght and can fold without difficulty. It is designed with light aluminium hence portability.

Qwik-Fold 3 Wheel Push Cart is designed in a way that makes it fold and unfold easily. The patented V-slide feature enables the golfer to fold and unfold in a second. It makes the push cart one of the fastest in the market. With just lifting the handle makes the cart snap into shape.

No need to worry, with the adjustable handle you will not bend no matter how tall you are. It can be used in a family because people with different heights can adjust to each one’s size. Its light feature makes it perfect for young golfers as well.

The push craft has ball bearings which provide a smooth ride. You can ride on top of hills and down the slopes without a hitch.  For stability, the cart has an extra-wide base. It has 10″rear wheels and dual-wheel alignment system which enables to adjust the distance between the two wheels. The 9″ front wheel has a brake which controls from the handle.


  • Extra-wide base for stability
  • Adjustable handles
  • Lightweight suits the young golfers
  • Comfortable handle grip
  • Patented V-shaped features make folding and unfolding easy.


  • The front-wheel doesn’t swivel

13. Cube CART 3 Wheel Push Pull Golf Cart

The Cube CART Push Cart is fantastic because it can easily open and close. It can hold your golf bags even after being folded. The cart can be more compatible and portable with the help of 2-step folding design in the front wheel.

The lightweight of about 14.5 lbs helps in the portability of the cart. It has adjustable handles which are excellent to all golf users. Thanks to this feature, it allows you to adjust the handle into three heights. The tires have an on and off brake system to make your riding smooth. The push cart wheels are free-oversize wheels that help when moving up a hill or down the slope.

The Cube CART Push Cart is made of durable materials which will serve you longer and extend its performance. It comes with a storage compartment, scorecard holder, and a beverage holder. There are a variety of colours to choose from.


  • Comes in various colours
  • 2-step folding system
  • Handles can be adjusted in 3 positions
  • Comes with storage compartments, beverage holder and scorecard holder.
  • Free-oversize wheels
  • Lightweight for portability
  • On and off brake system with tuck on the front wheel
  • Separately rear wheels


  • Expensive
  • Realignment of the front wheel

14. Sun Mountain Pathfinder 4

Not everyone is comfortable with 3-wheeled pushcarts due to stability; Sun Mountain Pathfinder 4 offers extra strength. It can fold in two easy steps making small folded footprints. It is made in a way that your bag remains upright; it makes it easy to pull accessories in and out quickly.

The push cart comes with an accessory console that holds your phone, extra balls, and scorecard. The phone holder comes with a rechargeable power pack which allows it to charge the phone or keep the speaker running while playing. The upper bag bracket can be adjusted to offer storage space for your golf bag. The bungee cords on both the upper and lower brackets secure the golf bag.

The Sun Mountain Pathfinder 4 push cart weight is about 17lbs making it easy to ride around the course. The foldable design makes the cart fit in the car’s boots comfortable. It can be folded into W 26″ x H 16″ x D 14″ dimensions.


  • It comes in a variety of colours
  • 2 simple folding steps
  • It offers extra storage attachments
  • Excellent stability because it is four-wheeled.
  • Lightweight
  • Adjustable bungee cord


  • The aluminium tubing not made from durable materials
  • The hand brake is not placed in the right place and sensitive

15. SereneLife SLGCFLW 3 Wheel Golf Push Cart

SereneLife SLGCFLW 3-wheel golf push cart is designed from heavy-duty aluminium. The frame that holds the upper and lowers brackets are constructed of aluminium and can fit any size of a golf bag. People of different heights can use the golf bag push cart because of the design of its adjustable handle. Its weight capacity is about 3lbs.

The cart has 3-ball bearing wheels that offer the mobility of the cart in any terrain for smooth riding. With the compact foldable design, you can fold and unfold the push cart in seconds. You don’t need to worry about transportation because it can fit easily in the boot. It can be folded into a size of 19.1″L x 14.6″W x 22.8″H

For stability, the cart is equipped with a simple braking system. The braking system helps the cart to stabilize where it is stationed and prevent it from rolling. Additional components that come with the push cart include cup holder, umbrella holder, storage compartment and new deluxe scorecard.


  • It is made with heavy-duty aluminium which a durable material.
  • Braking system adds stability.
  • Adjustable handles that suit any user
  • Ergonomic foldable design
  • Comes with additional components
  • Ball-bearing wheels for mobility purposes


  • Come in one colour.
  • Expensive

16. Desert Fox Golf Phone Caddy

Most of the golfers use smartphones to get the dimensions of the golf course. The phone has become an essential accessory as it can play different tasks in golf. It can be used to provide GPS and streaming options to help player multitask. If you love using your smartphone when playing but you have a challenge in terms of storage and accessibility, then Desert Fox Golf Phone Caddy is for you.

The Desert Fox Golf Phone Caddy is made to help golfers play better using smartphones. They can use it as a golf course assistance system in providing GPS, videos and other tasks. Thanks to its portability, the caddy is light to be stored in your golf bag and can be mounted in all types of golf carts. It has thumb screws that allow different smartphone options and rugged exterior for maintaining durability.

A phone with a width between 2.6″ and 3.7 and front to back between 0.16” and 0.67”can fit in the Desert Fox Golf Phone Caddy without difficulties. Most of the smartphones that can fit in this caddy include Google devices, iPhones and Androids. Interestingly, this phone holder can be customized with slogans and logos, among others. It comes in different colours- you can choose what suits you best.


  • Adjustable to fit various smartphones
  • Designed mainly for golf players
  • It provides storage and accessibility while playing.
  • Can be set-up easily.
  • It can be adjusted to fit different phones.
  • It has a rugged exterior for durability


  • Expensive
  • It is limited to specific dimensions

17. Big Max Golf- Auto Fold FF Trolley

The Big Max Auto fold FF comes with ultra-fast flat-fold technology which allows you to fold the cart fast for storage in your boots, closet or garage. When unfolding, you need to release the hook on the left, and the frame will flip the wheels into place automatically. You can also release the blue handle on the right and raise the handles to your preferred height. Bungee cord on the cart holds the bag with the aid of looped ends and tabs. Your fingers are kept out of the pinch points.

There is a hinged plastic cover with a scorecard clip that offers the security of contents when closed.  Thanks to the fabric compartment with side mesh to hold what you want in hand. The Big Max Auto fold FF comes with additional components such as an umbrella holder, a beverage holder, glove caddy, a rangefinder case and sand tube.

It rolls smoothly with little or no effort on any terrain. You can easily turn it by just tilting the front wheel off the ground. For mobility, you can use the brake system to move smoothly.


  • Foldable design
  • Comes with additional components
  • It is equipped with a fabric compartment with mesh on sides.
  • It has a brake system.


  • Expensive

18. Tour Trek 2018 360 Push Cart

The Tour Trek 2018 360 push cart rotates 360 degrees in any terrain. It is equipped with a strong frame that maximizes the durability of the cart. The sturdy strength cables provide stability of the pushcart from rolling away from the placed position. The oversized wheels enable it to move smoothly in any course, either green or tee.

Thanks to its ability to rotate in any terrain because you don’t have to worry on the course. It is equipped with a foot brake system for efficiency and stability. The system keeps your push cart from rolling away on the uneven terrain. The adjustable bungee cords are fitted on the upper and lower brackets to hold the golf bag well.

The foldable design assists you to collapse the push cart easily for storage and transport. It has adjustable handles that allow any user of different golfer to use comfortably. It comes with additional components such as tee storage, deluxe scorecard holder with pencil clip, beverage holder and storage compartments.


  • Foldable design
  • Rotates on 360 degrees on any terrain
  • Oversized wheels for stability
  • Adjusted bungee cord straps to hold the bags
  • It comes with other accessories.
  • It is equipped with a brake system


  • Expensive

19. TGW Tour Swivel 3-Wheel Golf Push Cart

The TGW Tour Swivel 3-Wheel Golf Push Cart is the best option for any golfer who needs a car to push in any terrain. Thanks to the sturdy aluminium frame that provides durability. It assures you it will last long. It is lightweight and weighs about 18 lbs, allowing it to ride comfortably and smoothly.

It has 2 rear wheels and 1 front wheel that are EVA maintenance-free. The wheels have ball bearing that allows you to ride smoothly on the uneven terrain. The front-wheel swivels provide stability. It has a foot brake system that prevents your cart from rolling away from the placed location.

It has adjustable handles that ensure users of different heights use it comfortably.  The clap-style holds the golf bag safety. It comes with additional accessories including scorecard holder, storage net with a compartment for holding the smartphone, beverage and umbrella.


  • Additional accessories
  • Adjustable handles
  • It has a footbrake system.
  • Ball-bearing wheels


  • Comes in only two colours.


Importance of A Suitable Golf Push Cart

Unless you have a reasonably good understanding about the need for a golf push cart, you perhaps would not be willing to make an investment. Hence we will try and have a look at some obvious advantages as far as these push-carts are concerned.

  • Convenience: When you deciding to buy your own golf push cart you can spend more time concentrating on the game rather than trying to adjust with a push cart which may not be to your specific needs and liking. It has been found that those who have their own push or pull cart are the ones who are likely to perform well in a highly competitive and demanding environment.
  • Increases Speed Of Play: The problem with hired push carts is that you could be sharing it with more than one person. It certainly becomes a big and dampener and could negatively impact the speed of the play. There cannot be anything more irritating and troublesome than running around to fetch the various things needed for playing the game at the right pace. When you have a suitable push cart with you, it is quite obvious that you will have everything available at your beck and call. This is one of the main reasons why it makes to go in for a push cart cover which belongs to your own.
  • It Reduces Tiredness: Those who do not have the right amount of money available with them have no other option but to lug their gear around the course. It could be a big physical burden and it could lead to tiredness and fatigue sooner than later. Some of the equipment’s are quite heavy and therefore it is a big effort carrying them over long distances. Hence it certainly make lot of sense for to buy your own push or pull cart and concentrate your energy on the game rather on preserving your energy carrying these heavy equipments around.
  • You Can Do Away With Caddies: There is no doubt that caddies can be quite useful in a golf course, but you need somebody to run behind you carrying the various golf gears. You also need to pay for these caddies. While some are good and professional, quite often these caddies are known to misplace important golf gears and this is the last thing which you would want when you playing a high profile and highly competitive game.
  • Professionalism And Style: Finally it would be pertinent to mention here that, using these push carts would make you look the true professional you are. It will certainly add a lot of style and sophistication to your which also is very important to say the least. Hence when all the above points are taken into account, it makes lot of sense to use your own golf push cart. Today even young players are finding lot of value in these carts which previously was the domain of elderly golfers. Each product which is used in various sporting activities comes with its own share of merits and demerits. The same is the case of push-carts for golf and it would therefore be important to know more about it over the next few lines.

Buying The Best Golf Push Cart – Things To Consider

Buying the best golf push cart is no easy task given the fact that there are dozens of such brands available in the market today. They are also available in different sizes, shapes and sizes and therefore you could often become confused and undecided as a prospective customer. Hence you would do well to have some basic idea about the various attributes to be kept in mind when it comes to buying these push carts. Here are a few important points to be kept in mind when you are on the lookout for these push carts. We hope it will help you to take an objective decision based on facts rather than on opinions.

  • The Quality Of The Handel
When a push cart is fully loaded it is bound to quite heavy. Therefore steering could be a tough task if the handle is not tough and sturdy. It should have the best of ergonomic design and should be easy to grip. It should also allow easy maneuverability. The pushing should happen naturally without putting too much strain on your hand.
  • Pay Attention To Parking Brakes & Wheels
The golf courses in general are not uniform and are known for their rough and tough terrain. Hence the wheels should be of the best quality and ideally you should choose a wheel with wide tires. The larger the wheel base the easier it will be for you to push the golf cart around. The brakes should also be good quality. It would be better to choose brakes which impacts all the wheels because it helps in better stability when the cart is not on the move or even when there is a need to stop it suddenly.
    • Weight & Bulk
You must ensure that the cart is light and manageable when even if it fully loaded. Hence, you must spend some time to buy a cart which is reasonably light when it is free of load. This will enable you to move it around easily even when it is fully loaded. The size should be compact without being too big or too small.
    • Portability And Easy to Collapse:
You would be required to move the cart around from one circuit to another. Hence you must be able to collapse it easily and make it easy for you to port it around from one golfing site to another. It should fit into your and should not occupy too much of space in your home. There are other important attributes like storage space such as post, pouch and pocket which also should be taken into account.
    • Ease Of Use & Additional Features

Apart from the above there are other attributes like ease of use and the various additional features it comes with. A cart with more accessories and features will ensure that you are able to concentrate more on the game rather than being bothered about situations and circumstances.

Finally you also must be on the lookout for quality and honest customer reviews of these push carts. This will help you to identify the best golf push cart based on reliable and honest information. While price is a very important attribute, this alone should not be the only factor which needs to be taken into account.

How to Choose a Golf Push Cart?


Even though the golf push carts aren’t exactly the most advanced vehicles around, they still require some sort of braking mechanism in place so that they don’t roll off into a pond or crash into an elderly golfer or something.

That’s right! – golfer boys and girls, golf carts do come with brakes, and there are several types of brakes, for that matter. The first type of brakes would be the common foot brake, where you slow the cart down by simply pressing down on a pedal that then creates friction with the wheels to stop them eventually.

The other sort would be the hand brake, similar in function to a bicycle brake. The third type, found less commonly, would be the button-push braking system, which slows down a golf cart whenever you push the button in question.


Golf cart wheels are of a similar sort to those wheels you encounter on baby strollers and those market-day carts old ladies drag along.

The spokes of these wheels can be made out of plastic or metal. (And perhaps some more high-end materials such as carbon fiber, but those would be much more expensive.) As for the tires, they’re usually made out of rubber and are inflatable. Of course, the air-free tires are becoming more and more popular as they can easily outlive any inflatable tire several times over!

All in all, metal spokes and air-free tires tend to be more expensive, generally speaking, but are definitely well worth the investment.

Weight & Foldability

The golf push carts represent some of the possibly most ‘foldable’ pieces of transportation technology out there. Since their sole purpose is to transfer golf clubs, there’s no need to install airbags and elaborate pieces of padding inside one of these carts, so they can be pretty slim, indeed.

This does not only make them incredibly flexible and usually also foldable, but they’re also quite lightweight, as well.

So, when buying a golf push cart, make sure to look for foldable designs and models that would fall into the category of featherweight means of transportation. (For golf clubs, of course.)

Maneuverability and Handling

One of the biggest interest points of golf push carts would be how well they can handle the terrain around them. Just imagine the horror of dragging along a dead weight pushcart with stuck wheels that won’t budge!

Yep, that sort of thing has the potential of ruining your reputation among fellow golfers. So, the way you check the handling properties of your potential golf push cart is that you see how its steering mechanism and then also check how its braking system is rated among previous owners.

Additional Features

And by additional features, we mostly mean – a beer holder.

A beverage holder’, to be inclusive, but we all know what is the beverage of interest, here. Other features tend to include a built-in cooler, more space for your bags and other accessories, and perhaps a bulkier steering mechanism for more control.

All things considered, whether they’re three-wheeled or four-wheeled, golf carts represent a clever solution to carrying your clubs about on the golf course. (Unless you’d rather hire a cabby, that is.) As for the models we’ve shown here, all ten of them will surely do the job well for you.

The only thing you need to establish is which model you’d like to go with0- and then simply roll it forth onto your nearest golf course. We hope this article helped you find the perfect golf cart for your needs. Thanks for reading, and cheers!

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